TectoDeck MD4 Leho: Robust, safe and durable – with no compromises

Low energy consumption, new hygienic standards, and precisely geared to all needs - TectoDeck Leho perfectly fits every shop format.

TectoDeck MD4 Leho cools more reliably and efficiently

The TectoDeck MD4 Leho impresses already with its excellent energy effi ciency and temperature stability. This is ensured by the ingenious combination of perfectly matched system components. With its 60 mm, for example, the body insulation has been clearly improved compared with standard multidecks, and the high evaporation temperature of the refrigerant brings a further improvement in effi ciency. What is more, the innovative air curtain technology employed in the TectoDeck MD4  Leho creates particularly eff ective insulation also on the removal side as well as safe and stable temperatures at all times.

Optimal product presentation

Leho features up-to-date LED technology. The products are displayed in a way that promotes sales and presented in the optimal light colour. In addition, the higher energy effi ciency of the LED lights yields a further plus in terms of energy effi ciency; so TectoDeck MD4  Leho not only saves energy costs, but also sustainably increases customer sales.

Maximum hygienic safety

The excellent anti-microbial SmartProtec® powder coating prevents the formation of bio fi lms - bacteria ad fungi really don't have a chance. In addition, the optimized drainage system facilitates cleaning and complements the excellent hygienic characteristics of TectoDeck MD4  Leho.

Durable and flexible in every detail

With TectoDeck MD4  Leho, the focus has been laid not only on effi ciency, but also on durability. Stronger materials and various versions and equipment details make sure that TectoDeck MD4  Leho is particularly economic in the long run as well.

Reliable temperature safety

TectoDeck MD4  Leho covers the relevant Temperature ranges M1 and M2. Thanks to its modular design, TectoDeck MD4  Leho is suitable for new and existing systems.

  • High energy efficiency through state-of-the art technology
  • New hygienic standards thanks to SmartProtec
  • Exact adaptability to all needs
  • Easy service and maintenance

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